Bryan's CBD Marathon Tips

October 24, 2023

This is an excerpt from an email sent to our customers from our CEO Bryan Kinghorn:

I’m running the Frankfurt Marathon this Sunday. It will be my 18th official marathon, but the week leading up to the marathon is still a mix of excitement and apprehension, it’s a time when you want to make sure your body is in the best possible condition for the race. This is why I thought it was worthwhile sharing with you how I use our CBD products, specifically in the lead up to a marathon, but I’m sure there will be learnings here for optimising your preparation for whichever sport you compete in. Also, check out our special offer at the bottom of this email...


Enhancing sleep quality:

Obviously, I use our CBD oils year round for improving my sleep quality, but specifically in the week leading up to the marathon, good sleep is one of the key improvements I need to make too ensure I’m rested and ready for the race. This week so far I’ve been on the Mint 3000mg before bed.

Pro-tip – the sleep the night before the race can often be a bit restless and disturbed, so ensure the second to last night before the big race is as good a sleep as you can possibly make it!



CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce inflammation, which is the cause of most niggles and aches/pains. I use our products mainly in two different ways for this:

1 – the CBD heated muscle balm for applying to acute niggles – such as a little calf niggle I currently have – so throughout this week, I am applying and I will do so again in the morning of the race

2 – Our Oils – I will take two drops of our Cherry 1200mg CBD oil drops in the morning before the race, this can help keep some of the natural inflammation that will occur during the race at bay as much as possible.

Pro-tip – I will also use our balm for anti-chafe, enough said there, but you get the idea 😜


Overall wellness:

CBD is known for its potential to support overall wellness, ensuring that your body is in the best condition to tackle the marathon. From managing pre-race anxiety to ensuring a calm mind to get the best quality of sleep possible all goes a long way to ensuring I feel my best on race week

Pro-tip – take your CBD whenever you can make it a habit, i.e. after brushing your teeth, with your morning coffee, beside your night time book etc.


Marathon Discount Offer:

To celebrate the marathon, I have just put live an offer for 15% off your entire order, use code MARATHON15 at checkout from now up to the end of the day on the 31st October.


If you have a race or competition coming up and you have questions about how to incorporate our CBD into your prep please just reach out to us on

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