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August 24, 2023

We are seeing so much of our community away on holiday at the moment which got us thinking about an Instagram post we did at the start of summer regarding travel and the additional tips our CEO Bryan added to it, which in his experience have been his secret to avoiding jet lag over the years.


Especially on long haul flights, but regardless of the length of plane journey, try these out to help with the journey.


Bryans travel tips:

  • If you are an anxious traveller, take some of our CBD Oil about half an hour before the flight
  • Change your watch to the time zone you are flying to as soon as you get on the plane, if this means its night-time, try to get some shut-eye and if its day time, try to stay awake. By the time you arrive, your body clock will almost be in the correct zone
  • Drink loads (and I mean loads!) of water during the flight. You get so de-hydrated when flying its important to keep on top of that hydration on the plane – I’ve boften drunk upwards of 4 litres of water on flights
  • As soon as you arrive in your new destination, get outside for a walk/run/workout – ideally get a sweat on and get some daylight or at least fresh air if its dark
  • Don’t go to sleep in the middle of the day, stay up until its your normal bed time in your new time zone, going to sleep at an unusual time for you will just confuse the body even more
  • When it is time to go to bed in your new time zone, take your HBHM CBD oil before going to sleep


The result = what jet lag?!


These are Bryan's personal tips that he has tried and tested, but we are always open to trying something new so please get in touch with some of your tips for travel and we all ears!


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