Maximise Your CBD Experience: Top 5 Tips for Enhancing Its Health Benefits

February 08, 2022

In our previous emails, our website, and our podcast we have talked about the benefits that come from supplementing with CBD.

So, whether you're into sports or you're conscious of your body and mind, today we've got just a few quick tips for getting the most out of your CBD and maximising its positive health effects!

Combine your CBD with other natural sleep supplements

If you're already taking CBD before bed in the evening, you can try combining it with other natural sleep aids. This can include herbs, magnesium, small doses of melatonin, or sleep teas (with honey!). We’ve also had some amazing feedback from several of our customers about enjoying their peppermint tea with a few drops of CBD oil.

Start supplementing with CBD 1-week prior to sporting events

While CBD can have its benefits before exercising (for promoting calm and focus) and after exercise (for relaxation and recovery), there is some suggestion that taking CBD daily in the week before a sporting event can maximise its positive impact. Don't just wait until the day of the event and expect magic!

Combine CBD with your ‘Keto Coffee’

Keto coffee is a trend that has gained popularity in the last decade. It is also sometimes referred to as 'Bulletproof Coffee' which is the brand that is most responsible for popularising the concept.

If you're unaware of what keto coffee is, it is essentially coffee but with added healthy fats (usually coming from butter, coconut oil, or MCTs). It is commonly used as a substitute for breakfast to help stave off hunger, improve focus and maintain energy throughout the morning.

As much as this might sound disgusting to many of you, there is a mountain of anecdotal evidence pointing to its effectiveness.

While there is no scientific evidence behind why combining this with CBD would be effective, it is speculated that the high lipid content would help with the absorbency of the CBD into your system.

Experiment with dose sizes and timings

Our HBHM CBD oil comes with maximum dosage instructions that we advise all of our customers to follow.

But within the maximum recommended daily amount, different people find that CBD can be more or less effective for them depending on when, how much, and how often they take their CBD. Upon waking and then while winding down in the evening is a common split that people use.

Take with your post-workout to help relieve muscle soreness

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is the muscle pain and stiffness that most of us (particularly those of us who have not exercised in a long time!) experience after exercising. Most typically the day after.

Since CBD oil is essentially an anti-inflammatory, there is a lot of anecdotal and scientific evidence to support its effectiveness in promoting recovery and reducing muscle soreness.

That is all from us today! If you're curious to sample our ultra-pure and sustainable CBD oil (or you require a top-up), click one of the product images below to head over to our website.

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Disclaimer: CBD should not be used as a substitute for medication, and you should consult with your physician if using it in conjunction with other medications. HBHM is not a medical advisor.

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