#21 Anurag Rai: Superhuman in You

April 21, 2022

Join us on this episode of the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Podcast as we sit down with Anurag Rai, award-winning executive and business coach, best-selling author, master NLP practitioner, and founder of Superhuman In You. Anurag shares his inspiring journey from being homeless to working for a Big 4 accounting firm and running multiple successful businesses.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Anurag discusses the unbelievable loss and recovery that led him to where he is today, his anti-anxiety formula for managing stress, and his work as an executive coach helping business owners and senior executives overcome challenges and thrive in life and business.

Join us as we explore how to find the Superhuman in You, and be sure to connect with Anurag on LinkedIn and his website at www.superhumaninyou.com.

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