#19 Joe Wilson: The Plant PT

December 14, 2021

Joe Wilson, otherwise known as The Plant PT, is a Personal Trainer, boxer and boxing coach based at Glasgow Fitness Gym and he also takes classes at One Three Six Fitness twice a week. He has been eating a plant-based diet for almost 4 years now; primarily for health reasons at first due to severe illness and then he began to focus on it more so for the impact on the environment. Despite his own plant based diet he prides himself on catering to all types of diets when it comes to his clients in the gym. He has also been taking HBHM’s CBD oils for several months now, previously having tried other brands and not quite feeling the desired effect. In the episode we delve into the decisions behind his plant based diet, his boxing journey, his training, his experience with CBD as well as some things we could all be doing to improve basic aspects of our fitness and so much more... Find Joe on Instagram @the_plant_pt p.s. keep an ear out for your host getting cramp in the middle of the podcast - oops!

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