#12 Josh Quigley: Endurance Cycling

May 31, 2021

This week we are joined by Scottish endurance cyclist Josh Quigley. Josh has undertaken some incredible challenges during his cycling career, including cycling around the world, Lands End to John o Groats, cycling around Scotland and Italy and broke the record for cycling the North Coast 500 plus many more He is also just a few weeks on from his most recent world record attempt which was to break the record for most miles cycled in a 7 day period, which this time stopped due to injury. He has a great story which has been intertwined with some incredible challenges but he keeps picking himself back up and going again. In the podcast we discuss some of the adversity he has overcome, including two high speed crashes that could have ended his life; his struggles with mental health; we discuss some of the cycling challenges he has undertaken in more detail and what it takes to be a full time cyclist. You can find Josh on Instagram @joshquigley2026 and Twitter @JoshQuigley2026 and his website is www.joshquigley92.com

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