#14 Megan Keith: Yoga Expert & Teacher

June 28, 2021

Megan is a digital marketeer and yoga teacher who uses all kinds of daily mindfulness practices to help her to find that elusive work life balance. She champions workplace wellness and supporting her colleagues to feel happy, healthy and safe in the workplace and she firmly believes that looking after your mental and physical health helps to not only look after yourself but to produce some of your best work in the office too. Megan has also collaborated with HBHM, there are a range of different yoga videos on our Instagram and YouTube that are available for our followers to watch and take part in. This episode delves into everything yoga related - including how yoga can support a healthy body and mind; how yoga is not just about the time spent on the mat; tips for getting into yoga and being short on time to incorporate it into your life. We also discuss Megans journey so far, including her own business Stretch Social. You can find Megan on her instagram @iammeganalexandra and her website www.meganalexandra.co.uk

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