#10 James Cruickshank: Renowned Physio

May 17, 2021

This week we have James Cruickshank on the show (otherwise known as PhysioRun!) James is an awesome fully qualified physio who specialises in helping professional and recreational athletes in a variety of sports. He has been a physiotherapy lead at the Commonwealth Games as well as working with Scottish international teams at world events. I (Bryan) go to James myself and what I love about James is he wants to get you back to your sport as quickly as possible, in a safe manner - he doesn’t want you being out for any longer than you need to be. Every visit to see him is so much more than just physio, with knowledge bombs guaranteed, which are in full flow from James in this episode. This episode covers everything from strength training for runners, to mental health awareness to tips on mobility and mindset. You can find James on Instagram @physiorun and his website is www.physiorun.net and his ebooks at https://payhip.com/Physiorun

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