#6 Michelle Graham: Eat Complete

April 19, 2021

Join us on the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Podcast for an inspiring conversation with Michelle Graham, owner of Eat Complete, a plant-based meal prep company focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle through delicious, nutritious meals. As a competitive weightlifter and CrossFit athlete, Michelle combines her training with a plant-based diet and shares insights on how to achieve complete protein sources from plant-based foods.

In this wide-ranging episode, we discuss Michelle's personal journey to a plant-based diet, the origins and mission of Eat Complete, and the company's sustainability efforts. Bryan and Michelle also explore topics such as training and diet, the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, and the importance of community in promoting healthy habits.

Visit Eat Complete on Instagram @eat.complete.aberdeen and on their website eatcompletewithoutmeat.com to learn more about their offerings and join the plant-based movement for a healthier, more sustainable future.

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